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The birthday age calculator


This calculator is not only about calculating your birthdays. It can even calculate other interesting information such as different ages around the universe.
For all calculation it is necessary to fill a name and a date of birth. You can compare yourself with your favourite celebrity by clicking on the star symbol.Famous people

Enjoy this Age Calculator! Based on your real numbers you can see yourself in many funny ways :-). Try it and you will see! Find a reason to celebrate every day!

The calculator is still under construction, you may find new updates and improvements.
For now you can calculate:

  • combined birthday - unique devise for two or more people who wish to celebrate birthday together. It adds up all ages for all people and show you the day for combined birthday. You will also find out how many days there are left to prepare for your celebration - in days and years.
  • day of the birth - find out on which day of the week your birthday will fall
  • half birthday - this is so popular. Half birthday is not exactly six months after your normal birthday, Calculate when it will happen.
  • animal age - find out what your equivalent age would be if you were an animal. You can count dog age, turtle age and lots of other animals
  • planet age - imagine you are living on the other planet in our solar system. Calculate your Mars age or Venus age. We strongly recommend that you find your age as a Martian if you want to be rejuvenated.

Age calculator in samples

Lets calculate! For better understanding check few samples of this Age Calculator

Combined birthday

Wonderful and round 100 years could celebrate Roger Federer, Robert Pattinson and Julia Roberts. Congratulation!!! It falls on Apr, 05, 2012. The calculator adds age of all three celebrities and defines the day of combined birthday. It also takes into account the with leap days. Its very accurate. Try to found out if you can celebrate round birthday with your favorite celebrities.

Day of the birth

Find, what day of the week you were born. Compare it with your family, friends or celebrities. You may be suprised with the interesting findings!
What day of the week was I born? or what day of the week was this date? Lets calculate day of the birth!

Half birthday

If you are not sure, what exactly your half birthday is, click here

Animal age

If Michael Jordan was a dog then he would celebrate his 7 birthday on Jan, 29, 2012. The dog age is the most popular age. Don't worry if you are annoyed with turtle age. Find more favourable animal that would suit you the best

Planet age

Roger Federer will celebrate his 50th birthday on May 11, 2012 Certainly not on the Earth but on Venus. If you are not pleased, move to another planet. More optimistic looks 30th birthday on Mars for Whoopi Goldberg, which she can celebrate on Apr, 15, 2012.

Calculating your age equivalent in the animal world or on different planets serves only for entertainment and amusement. Calculations are based on the assumption of an average person’s life and average life of various species. Also the calculation of half birthday can vary depending on the method of calculation, more here.

These calculations can be shared on social networks, via e-mails or other way of publishing the calculation link. The owner of the web page is not responsible for any kind of complications that might arise when sharing calculations or misinterpreting. Enjoy our calculator!

If you are pregnant and want a date of birth calculator for you unborn baby, click here.