Turtle age

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A turtle is an animal that lives in the sea and has a rock hard shell. Turtles are interesting because they can live up to 152 years old! This is double the life expectancy of a human. Our calculator is going to use the ratio of 2.2 to work out different ages so that you can work out exactly what day your turtle birthday is on! This article is going to tell you lots of fun facts about turtle age.

            A human starts school at the age of 6, however if you were a turtle, you wouldn't start school until the age of 13! That means turtles have an extra 7 years to have fun before school starts! A human becomes an adult at the age of 18, and this birthday is an important milestone. The reason for this is because at 18, humans are allowed to vote, to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, even though these aren't very sensible things to do. These are things only adults can do! However, turtles would only be able to do these things once they were 40 years old! That means a turtle has to wait a long time to do things that humans can do at a younger age. Finally, people can retire from work at the age of 65. So, if a human starts work once they are an adult at the age of 18, and retires at the age of 65 then they have had a job for 47 years. This seems like a long time, but a turtle would have to work for even longer because they aren't allowed to retire until they are 143 years old! That means a turtle would have a job for 103 years! That is a very, very, very long time.

            So we can see that turtles live much longer lives than humans! But if you had to wait 40 years to become an adult, and if you had to work for 103 years before you retired, I think I'd rather stay human!


Human age Turtle age Notice
6 13 Starting a school
13 29 Facebook
18 40 Adult
65 143 Retirement
69 152 Life expectancy