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One Direction


 One Derection celebrate 100 years 1D = 100Y ONE Direction = ONE hundred years 

  1D = 100Y

  One Direction, an English-Irish pop boy band will celebrate 100th combine birthday 17th April 2013


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Combined birthday is a special birthday for two or more people. It is easy if you know your age in days. Just add up all the ages in days and divide the number of days by the number of days in a year. It is 365.2422 - tropical year. It is not 365, becouse every 4 years we have leap year. For it we have calculator, click here.    

Just add up the ages of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis and it will be 100 years on 17th April 2013! Total combine age in days on 17th April is 36,527. 36,527 divided 365,24 is 100! You can check it on 1D calculation result.

Of course you can click on the button "Add name" and add your birthday to calculate your own combined birthday with One Direction. You can also delete the calculation using the reset button, and then choose your other favorite celebrities by clicking on star symbol Famous people

In table below you can see haw ald are all members of 1D in days.

Band Members  Date of Birth Age in days 17th April 2013 Day of Birth
Niall Horan 13 September 1993 7,156 Monday
Zayn Malik 12 Januray 1993 7,400 Tuesday
Liam Payne 29 August 1993 7,171 Sunday
Harry Styles 1 February 1994 7,015 Tuesday
Louis Tomlinson 24 December 1991 7,785 Tuesday
    36,527 total days  


Using our calculator, you can calculate so many interesting things. Below we have made a table that includes all of 1Ds milestone ages, that we can all celebrate together.

Date Who What
6th February 2013 Harry 10 milions minutes
27th February 2013 Liam half birthday
14th March 2013 Naill half birthday
2nd April 2013 Harry 1000 weeks, 7000 days
17th April 2013 All 1D 100th combined birthday
27th April 2013 Liam and Louis 41th combined birthday
3rd May 2013 Niall and Louis 41th combined birthday
9th May 2013 Zayn and Liam 40th combined birthday
9th May 2013 Harry 80th planet Mercury age
13th May 2013 Niall and Zayn 40th combined birthday
17th May 2013 Liam and Harry 39th combined birthday
23th May 2013 Niall and Harry 39th combined birthday
25th Jun 2013 Louis half birthday
2nd Jul 2013 Zayn 85th planet Mercury age
4th Jul 2013 Zayn and Louis 42th combined birthday
5th Jul 2013 Louis 35th planet Venus age
14th Jul 2013 Zayn half birthday
14th Jul 2013 Harry and Louis 41th combined birthday
24th Jul 2013 Zayn and Harry 40th combined birthday
3nd August 2013 Harry half birthday
5th August 2013 Niall and Liam 40th combined birthday


Our coments:

We would like to celebrate 1Ds birthday. We asked mum if we could use face paints. It was fun. We would like do it again on 17th April, but it is Wednesday and we have to go Happy 100th birthday 1D from Dominik and Martinato school. Maybe we can do painting only on our hands. Please, could you share with your friends this information about 1D celebrating 100 years. On their combined birthday, 17th April they have a concert in Birmingham. If you are going to that concert, please could you tell 1D Happy birthday for us! Thank you. We can not go to 1D concerts yet, maybe when we are older!
Dominik 10y and Martina 8y

I hope you like our webpage and all of the fun celebrations about 1D. I am working with my friend on this calculator for more than 2 years and  there is still a lot more to do. If you have some comments, feel free to email me on Find out more about me, the calculator or who is helping me. Some information is slightly old. Now I am 10 years old and my younger sister Martina is helping me. She is very good at spelling and helps with writing articles.

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