MadonnaOn 29th March 2013 Madonna celebrates her 120th turtle birthday

Madonna, Madonna Louise Ciccone, is a very famous American singer. This article is only linked to with her day of birth. 

Madonna was born 16th august 1958. Her actual age in years, months, weeks, days, hours and second, half birthday and other  interesting stuff can be calculated here. After cliking on this link, you can add other famous celebrities by clicking on the star symbol Famous people

You can calculate your combine birthday with Madonna by clicking on the button "Add name".

Madonna was born on Saturday. Her astrological sign is Leo and she was born in the year of Dog in Chinese horoscope.

If you do not want to calculate, just have a look at this table. Here are some interesting facts.

Date Celebration / Event
14 Feb 2013 half birthday
29 Mar 2013 120th Turtle age
17 Apr 2013 227th planet Mercury age
17 May 2013 89th planet Venus age
19 May 2013 20,000 days old
16 Aug 2013 55th birthday
26 Aug 2013 35th Rhinoceros birthday
11 Dec 2013 40th Camel birthday
14 Feb 2014 half birthday
17 Jan 2015 30th planet Mars age

The picture of Madonna used in this article has been found in Google as usage rights: "free to use, share or modify, even commercially".  Also the same picture is used in Wikipedia in many language mutations about Madonna. The author of picture is David Shankbone.
This photo was taken during the premiere of  a documentary film “I Am Because We Are” in April 2008.